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Seminar on "Religious Minorities Right to Vote"

Regional Election Commission Abbottabad and SUNGI

Minorities in Pakistan

Pakistan has a large majority of Muslims. According to statistics, the number of non-Muslim Pakistanis has remained slightly below four percent. The final statics of the sixth population census of Pakistan held in 2017 are not yet available, but according to the fifth census, the non-Muslim population was 3.72% of the total population.

SUNGI and Regional Election Commission Abbottabad strategy in Abbottabad for inclusion of minority in electoral process:

Voter Education is integral part of Election Commission of Pakistan to sustain the democratic system in the country. ECP activities include voter education and awareness workshops, voter registration drives, voter registration training workshops, poll worker and volunteer recruitment, election day trouble shooting, special event planning, linking with the community through partnerships, art production for flyers, posters, brochures and newspapers, advertising and supplies distribution

Sungi Development Foundation being one of the leading right base civil society organization believes that sustainable democratic system will remain dream for Pakistan until we educate our citizen about the importance of vote. SUNGI Development Foundation with the collaboration of Regional Election Commissioner Abbottabad hold a seminar in community center Abbottabad. About 80 religious minorities including Bahi, Christian, Bhori and Hindu community representatives attended the event. The aim of the event was to educate the religious minorities about the importance of vote. During the Seminar different issues were raised by the minorities about their CNIC and vote registration. NADRA and Election Commission staff responded all the queries at the spot. NADRA staff also told the minority persons that they will treated at priority basis whenever they visit NADRA office for CNIC registration or any other related issue. During the session ECP staff also distributed different forms among the participants about the registration, transferring of vote etc and also briefed the participants about the use of these forms.